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We have arrived in our little corner of the world, a place called Back Door, South Africa.


The Journey

Welcome back! We trust it's been a while since you've visited here, because, well, it's been a while since we updated anything on the site!

Our time back home in NZ has been abundantly precious. We've had the privilege of spending extended time with loved ones, marrying off our beautiful little sister, walking our nations's glorious beaches, indulging in snuggles with our dog, feasting for six whole months from our parents' fridge, enjoying an endless supply of toilet paper and clean water, laughing at the incredulous number of OSH regulations that govern our fun in NZ (while experiencing extreme measures of gratitude for an innumuerable number of other governance decisions that have been made on behalf of our little piece of paradise!) and getting to know and love more of His beautiful body. Thank you to everyone who has made this season so wonderful.

And is with great excitement that we would like to announce we are heading back to Africa! Woohoo!! Those of you who know us well will know that God has been fanning this flame in our hearts for quite some time. Very soon we will be returning to the Iris Base in South Africa where we spent the last part of last year.

We will be making some changes to this website before we go - we so very much want to stay a part of your journeys and have you as a part of ours. But for the meantime, you'll have to put up with the familiar decor. :)  

Check out the blog for some more details of the why, when and where, the support section for details of what has to happen in the next couple of months and the photos section for some pics of the children on the base we are going to as well as a couple of shots of the base itself.

Much love to you all, hope to see you before we go,

Jonny and Bex